[CE U14 C#] Parametric Cell - Parameters not up to date

I have a DGN, where I placed a parametric Cell with Variables attached to it (used with constraints). When I only read and write with my function, everything works as expected. When I edit the value of one Parameter inside the Microstation (Element Info), my Function gets old Data, when reading it. Restarting the Microstation doesn't help and I still get the old data.

My Function:

         if (!(elementIn is ParametricCellElement cell)) return;
         ParameterDefinitions defs = cell.CellDefinition.GetParameterDefinitions();
         IList<ParameterDefinition> lstDefinitions = defs.GetParameterDefinitions();

         foreach (ParameterDefinition def in lstDefinitions)
            //IDgnECInstance ins = defs.Properties as IDgnECInstance;
            IECInstance ins = cell.CellDefinition.Parameters;
            IECPropertyValue pv = ins.FindPropertyValue(def.AccessString, false, false, false, true);
            //def.DisplayLabel, pv.DoubleValue

I tried both IDgnECInstance ins = defs.Properties as IDgnECInstance; and IECInstance ins = cell.CellDefinition.Parameters; but it made no difference. The other comment is just an example on how I access the values (the actual access is more complex).

The Question now is, how I can get the actual data. Do I access the parameters wrong? Is there a synchronize command? Is the SDK broken?
I ripped the Functions from the SDK examples: MicroStation\mdl\examples\Constraints\ParametricModelingExample
This example is for the Model, but re writing it a bit and it works for Elements too.