v8i Built-in uStn Library of Shapes or text frames.


I am starting a new VBA project for our group to place call-outs & notes that are NOT dimension styles.  I am defining the call-outs as a text field with a frame around it using predefined symbols, e.g. circle/ellipse, box, diamond(rotated box), hex and triangle.

I the past v8 versions Bill Stienbock wrote an mdl application called "drafting tools" in which our organization relies on very very heavily.  The problem with using dimension styles is the use of annotation scale for the scaling of the objects.  This also affects the text size in our designs since all of our projects dating back to 1992 are setup in the same way.  Models are drawn 1:1 with borders / title-blocks are scaled up to a standard size 1/4in to 1ft etc....

I am looking for a method or library within uStn that would have these shapes that can be called via a VBA project to place call-outs & notes in a design file.  Maybe the detailing symbols application could be used as a starting point with another dgnlib created with the types of symbols used and second toolbar??

Any input or examples of placing calls that are not dimension styles would be much appreciated.  More info on Detailing Symbols MDL is also appreciated.

USTN: (SS10)

OS: Win10 64bit

  • All, a little Update

    I have been working on this project an have made good headway. The infrastructure as call it of the project is working great.  This part is passing of the Global arrays and variables between the three user forms and Module1.


    I have run into a few issues with how to call some of the internal uStn objects using vba.

    1.  How to tell VBA to read a system path, e.g. "_USTN_SITE\Data"  Instead of hard coding the path

    2.  How to tell VBA to read in the list of the standard line weights.

    3. How to tell VBA to read in the list of the standard line styles.

    4. How to tell VBA to read in the standard color table.

    The user form below holds all properties for the application.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Steven W.

    CAD Manager

    MPS Engineering Inc


  • How to tell VBA to read a system path, e.g. "_USTN_SITE\Data" 

    Read this article about Configuration Variables and VBA.  Post any questions on a new thread.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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