Fill in Data fields in design file

Hi Guys,

I'm in the middle of transferring to Microstation Connect Version 13, and coming from Microstation V8i (Select series 4). Very busy transferring al the VBA from old to new, but running in to a problem. I have a Function to fill in the textblock in the drawing, which works perfect on V8i, but gives me a type mismatch on Connect, on this line :

Set ele = Pos.GetElementByID(idProjectnummer)

Complete function is :

Public Function WelkeID() As String
Dim ele As TextElement
Dim idProjectnummer As DLong
Dim Pos As ModelReference
idProjectnummer = DLongFromString("25428")
    'On Error GoTo Foutje
    Set Pos = ActiveDesignFile.Models("Default")
    Set ele = Pos.GetElementByID(idProjectnummer)
    WelkeID = "Nieuw"
    Set ele = Nothing
Exit Function
WelkeID = "Oud"
Set ele = Nothing
End Function

Is this way of programming no longer valid in Microstation Connect?

Thanks already for the help,