[CONNECT C++] How to programatically drop a parametric cell from native C++

The Drop Element tool will drop a parametric cell into it's sub-elements if I check the Application Elements option.  Is there a native C++ API that will let me do this from code?

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  • Thanks.  The DisplayHandler Drop is what I ended up using in my code snippet above.

    Oops, completely missed that code snippet. :) I can tell you drop won't be at all helpful for getting constraint information...

    Do you happen to know if there is an API that will return to me the constraints that are applied to any of my sub elements?

    Sorry, I am not familiar with the parametric solid api.

    sub-elements isn't the correct term, a parametric solid doesn't have sub-elements like a type 2 cell does as it's not a "complex" element.

    The constraints I assume you are looking for are between edges, faces, and vertices, which are topological entities of a BRep, These are usually called sub-entities in our api...



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