[CONNECT C++] How to programatically drop a parametric cell from native C++

The Drop Element tool will drop a parametric cell into it's sub-elements if I check the Application Elements option.  Is there a native C++ API that will let me do this from code?

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  • This structure contains all the information about a parameter but it does not know the element that it was applied to.

    I think you have to go in an opposite direction, because the concept is similar to shared cell: There is hidden parametric cell definition instance, containing common definitions, and parametric cell instance(s) with specific values of individual parameters.

    Brien indicates (below) that constraints are applied to topological entities, not elements.

    I am confused whether you are interested in parameters or constrains. You started discuss how to drop the cell, later added constraints, but also mentioned parameters.

    I guess the best would be to split it into separate discussions, and to provide simple example.

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