C#.net - Fillet between 2 Dsegment3D

how to create Fillet between 2 DSegment3d? and How do can I Chain all of them together inC#.net? 

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  • Hi Manh,

    I am using Microstation Connect Edtion update 10 - Version

    It's quite old (2.5 years) version. It's recommended to use the latest one, which is Update 14.2 (and Update 15 will be released soon).

    Openroads Designer Connect edition - 2020 release 1 update 8 - version

    It's also not current, but I guess it's fine (because it's "2020"). The latest ORD version is 2020 Release 3, build

    I used mssdk10130048.msi to install the SDK.

    It's wrong! You cannot mix different product and SDK versions. Even when it's not critical when pure NET application is created, because only documentation and examples are used from SDK (not .lib files are linked as in C++), it's just not the right way.

    When you have MicroStation CE Update 10, you should use SDK for Update 10. The same for ORD, where for every version, related ORD SDK has been released.

    I look at my SDK example folder but I did not see the csAddins

    Yes, it's right. I think csAddin is not part of MicroStation or ORD SDKs.

    is there any way I can get a copy?

    What about to e.g. search for csAddin in this discussion (plus Chinese when more information will be needed)? You will find many results where it's discussed, and in some also shared (e.g. this one). Be active!

    But, personally, I think it's not so important. Why any code is needed to discuss how to create LineElement from DSegment3D, when using MStnPlatformNET documentation it's evident LineElement has constructor, accepting DSegment3d as parameter? Also, when you will invest time to search MicroStation SDK examples, you will many files using DSegment3D in different scenarios (to create LineElement, together with CurveVector etc.).

    With regards,


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