For years I have had the Project Window or view top Left, below it the Properties window or view

On the Right top was the Code displayed and below that was the immediate. I must have bumped, touched or hit something. I cannot seem to get the immediate back below the code

I will get a Vertical view, or the whole screen, but when stepping through a program (F8) it is handy to have the immediate below and see the Debug.Print information.. I made the box in Paint to attemt to show the location of where it was and how I would like to get it back.

Tried to show via the red rectangle where the immediate view/window was . It was at the bottom all the way across below the code. When you opened a file to edit or stepin the code was above. The immediate window/view below. anyone help me get it back ? I have tried 3 hrs yesterday and about 2 today. been using View, Tools>options>Docking

right now only Immediate Window, Project Explorer, Properties Window are ticked. The Window selection has a check box beside Module Code, unable to capture it ?


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