How to sign .ma file using rsign.exe


I need to sign .ma application. I read .ma application can be signed with rsign.exe.

But I didn't found rsign.exe in SDK location.

Where can I find rsign.exe to sign .ma file. Also heard rsign.exe is not delivered with MicroStation Connect SDK.

Suggest me how to sign .ma application using rsign.exe or any another approach.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Jon as per you signing the DLL is fine and no need to sign .ma file?

    I do not quite understand why you ask Jon.

    You want to sign your application for some reason. We do not know the reason. It can be because otherwise the application will be not loaded (because you configure MicroStation in such way) or you want to deliver the application in a professional way, where every file is digitally signed.

    Depending what is your priority, you have to decide whether you need to sign .ma or not. Plus, it has to be tested with expected MicroStation configuration.

    Can you suggest the workflow to sign the .ma file.

    I think it was answered clearly and also described on the linked wiki page: To sign .ma, you need rsign.exe. When it's not available, .ma file cannot be signed (or at least, both me and Jon do not know such option).

    So, as was discussed already too, the information how to obtain rsign.exe and whether it's necessary, can be provided by Bentley only.



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