How to sign .ma file using rsign.exe


I need to sign .ma application. I read .ma application can be signed with rsign.exe.

But I didn't found rsign.exe in SDK location.

Where can I find rsign.exe to sign .ma file. Also heard rsign.exe is not delivered with MicroStation Connect SDK.

Suggest me how to sign .ma application using rsign.exe or any another approach.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi  ,

    I'm back again.

    Previously in this thread, I can successfully sign the .ma file using rsign.exe and Verified the digital signature using rdump.exe.

    1) One thing I observed is, the signed timestamp is not displaying the correct date, always displaying the same date 1970/01/01 05:30:00, see below:

    command: rdump.exe -t'dsig'


    Microstation Resource File Dump Utility 03.19.02

    Digital signatures
    signer="user", alg=sha1, verified=yes
    sha1="my thumbprint"
    CN="my Corporation"
    signed="1970/01/01 05:30:00"
    location="my machine name"

    Is it a bug or did I done anything wrong?

    2) Is there any way to change the Signer name from individual user name to corporation name?

    3) I need to fetch rsign.exe file path in c# code. Is there any way to fetch the path of rsign.exe using C#? Any Environment variables exists to fetch rsign.exe file path.