[CONNECT C++] _config-eccp.h

Occasionally, usually when setting up a new C++ project, I see this error from IntelliSense and the C++ compiler: cannot open source file "_config-eccp.h" (dependency of "Mstn/MdlApi/MdlApi.h").  It's sole mention is  in include file _config.h...

#if    defined (__EDG__)                \
    && !defined (__DECCXX)              \
    && !defined (__HP_aCC)              \
    && !defined (__INTEL_COMPILER)      \
    && !defined (_SGI_COMPILER_VERSION)
   // FIXME: make this more robust by detecting the EDG eccp demo
   // during library configuration (and avoid relying on compiler
   // specific macros)
#  include "_config-eccp.h"
#endif   // __EDG__

IntelliSense is correct: file _config-eccp.h is not part of the SDK: it doesn't exist.

Presumably something (the VC++ compiler?) is defining macro __EDG__, but those other macros are all undefined.  Judging by the comment, someone in Bentley Systems development planned to do something about this, but hasn't yet got around to it.

What can I do to suppress that message?  Is it safe simply to #undefine __EDG__?