Change Tracking Functions: What is Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource

MS CE, Update 15, Language: C++

This question concerns using of change tracking functions. Callback function is set as follows:

ChangeTrack::AddChangedFunction (myChangeTrackFunc)

Signature  of myChangeTrackFunc is:

void ChangeTrackFunc_Changed(  MSElementDescrP newDescr, 
                               MSElementDescrP oldDescr, 
                               DgnPlatform::ChangeTrackInfo *info, 
                               bool *cantBeUndoneFlag)

Argument DgnPlatform::ChangeTrackInfo *info is declared as follows (in ITxnManager.h):

struct ChangeTrackInfo
    ChangeTrackAction    action;            //!< type of action
    Int32                processNumber;     //!< process active at time of entry
    Int16                funcname;          //!< Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource.
    Int32                idNumber;          //!< id for grouping undos

My question relates to structure member funcname. It is described as: Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource.

What does that mean ??? Where do I get this requested command number from ???

In my code I'm using several MicroStation commands to modify existing MicroStation elements (like : trim extend, trim tointersection, etc.)
Each element modified by one of these MicroStation commands has to be processed by my  callback function myChangeTrackFunc
depending on the MicroStation command which has modified the current element.

So my callback function would look as something like this:

void yourChangeTrackFunc (MSElementDescrP newDescr, 
                          MSElementDescrP oldDescr, 
                          DgnPlatform::ChangeTrackInfo *info, 
                          bool *cantBeUndoneFlag)
  switch (info->action)
    case ChangeTrackAction::Modify:
      // Element modified
      switch info->funcname:
        case <Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource MS Cmd: Trim Extend>:
        case <Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource MS Cmd: Trim ToIntersection>:
        ... more MS Commands

Any hints are appreciated. Thanks.

Martin Gitschel

  • My question relates to structure member funcname. It is described as: Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource.

    Hi Martin,

    just a guess. The Problem is, Command Numbers are now 6b Bit, But in RSC Files there are only 32Bit Values possible, That is why:

    #if defined (resource) 
    typedef struct __rscCommandEntry__
        UInt16  cmdNumber;          // number is actually restricted to 8 bits by our algorith for generating CMD_XXX numbers.
        UInt16  subTable;
        UInt16  cmdClass;
        UInt16  options;
        char    name [];
        UInt32  commandStringNum;
        UInt32  itemListRscId;
        UInt32  featureAspectId;
        } CommandTable [];

    you could define a smaller 32Bit Number fitting to your 64Bit CommandNumber.


    #define CMD_WINDOW                                         0x0300000000000000UI64   /* VIEWING         CmdString =   1 */
    #define CMD_WINDOW_AREA                                    0x0301000000000000UI64   /* VIEWING         CmdString =   1 */
    #define CMD_WINDOW_CENTER                                  0x0302000000000000UI64   /* VIEWING         CmdString = 204 */
    #define CMD_WINDOW_ORIGIN                                  0x0303000000000000UI64   /* VIEWING         CmdString = 207 */
    #define CMD_WINDOW_VOLUME                                  0x0304000000000000UI64   /* VIEWING         CmdString = 353 */
    #define CMD_WINDOW_BACK                                    0x0305000000000000UI64   /* WINDOWMAN       CmdString = 427 */

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    Volker Hüfner

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  • It is described as: Number of RTYPE_CMDNAME resource

    That macro is defined in header file rtypes.r.h...

    #define RTYPE_CMDNAME               RTYPE( 'C','m','d','N' )
    What does that mean? Where do I get this requested command number from?

    Where is it used?  I have no idea!  The only time I see it referenced is in the ChangeTrackInfo struct. ChangeTrackInfo::funcname suggests that in some resource file there is a list of RTYPE_CMDNAME but, if so, where?

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

  • Hi ,

    There are a couple different API areas to review/evaluate to decide what may be best to implement based on your unique needs.

    1. Input Queue - Monitors to Accept, Reject, or Replace MicroStation (user and app) input queue element commands
    2. Change Tracking - Notifications of Transactional Changes that an app can choose to react to Element and Undo, Redo changes, that depend on uniquely qualified: Session Task Sequence (think PID), Task Tool/CommandId (Tool name or 64-bit Command Id) and Optional Command Args entries.

    If your application has need to filter/prevent certain command(s), the input queue is best to implement filtering based on knowing: Task Name + CommandId criteria.

    If your application has interest in the elements modified by a particular Task + CommandId; change tracking can be utilized. See Code Snippet: C++ ChangeTrackChanged that will help provide those missing details for *many* Command items not listed in: ..\Include\Mstn\cmdlist.r.h.

    NOTE: Although there is mention to RTYPE_CMDNAME, it may be best to think of this as a "Tool Name" entry convention and the code snip above provides a shortcut on how to extract the tool name that can become more involved using the RTYPE_CMDNAME ID provided in ChangeTrackChanged event arg.


  • Thanks Robert, for your answer. I think, it willbwe helpful.