[CONNECT .NET] Disable 'No Workset Alert'

My AddIn processes a list of DGN files.  For each file, it uses Session.NewDesignFile().  In many cases, that pops modal dialog No Workspace Alert...

No Workspace Alert

I want to eliminate that dialog so the list can be processed with no human intervention.  In another post about C++,  suggested unpublished function mdlSystem_setBatchProcessingState().  Is there a .NET equivalent?

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  • Hi Jan,

    The variable should prevent the dialog from being presented for MSCE U15 and all PowerPlatform based products built on top of it - keyin: version to id platform version.  Unfortunately I don't have the most recent source sync'd so I cannot be more certain; however I do not see any .NET code setting anything special for "batch processing" as of yet.  Of course the MDL function could be called from .NET though a cleaner call is desired overall.  Sorry that is all I have and can report for the moment but will try to dig up more info if available.


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