[CE VBA] Select shared cells on level


this is sample of code that I use in v8i for selecting shared cell elements on specified level. I'm trying to migrate code to CE but it seems that all shared cells from all levels are found. Workaround is to test level of every shared cell in file.
Is this some change in VBA or is this a bug? Also, I'm using Map PowerView so I'm not sure if same happens in Microstation.

Sub test()


        Dim ee As ElementEnumerator

        Dim esk As New ElementScanCriteria
        Set esk = New ElementScanCriteria
        esk.IncludeType msdElementTypeSharedCell
        esk.IncludeLevel ActiveDesignFile.Levels.Item("8_tocke")
        Set ee = ActiveModelReference.Scan(esk)

        Dim num As Long
        num = 0

        While ee.MoveNext
            If ee.Current.IsSharedCellElement Then
                num = num + 1
                Debug.Print ee.Current.AsSharedCellElement.level.Name
                ActiveModelReference.SelectElement ee.Current
            End If
        MsgBox num

End Sub

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