[CE U16] [C/C++] Text in 2D Cell is facedown.

Maybe I'm missing the obvious, but here's my problem:

Our customer places cells containing texts (data fields) in a 2D model and my program replaces these texts when needed. I also rotate the texts 180° if necessary, so that they are more "readable" in the view. This has been happening since V8 times.

Since the CE times, a new phenomenon has emerged, by rotating, mirroring cell exchange the customer manages to place the cells face-down. So far so good, now the customer expects that we rotate the texts correctly again without changing the graphics in the cell.

As technology is still used: “mdlModify_elementSingle(…, MODIFY_REQUEST_HEADERS, MODIFY_ORIG,…

My problems:

  1. how can I find out that a text-element is facedown? I can tell via the rotation matrix of the header, but no longer on the text element itself (I only got information about z-axe rotations). And the information from the header is of no use to me, because I don't know if the text has already been flipped.
  2. how to flip a text in 2D? I must admit that this is difficult for me.

Thanks a lot.CellFaceDown.dgn