Error 193 loading custom application

I created an .MA application and corresponding dll using Visual Studio 14.0.

When launching MicroStation CE version, I specify a specific configuration (-wu<config>) on the command line which contains the entry MS_DGNAPPS indicating that my application should be loaded at startup.

Works great.

So far, so good.

On a different PC, I have the very same version of MicroStation but at startup it gives me error 193 (the OS could not load myappl.dll).

I did some googling and this error should indicate that I'm trying to load a 32 bit DLL, which is not true (I checked it with DUMPBIN /HEADERS).

Within MicroStation I tried to load the MDL manually (Ribbon Design/Utilities/MDL applications). It does show me my custom applications but when trying to load one of them, I get the very same error.

I'm quite sure I'm missing something stupid but I can't figure out what it is.



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