[MStn CE U16 C++] Attach URL link to element

In MicroStation, it's possible, using mouse context menu, attach a link (URL, key-in, to specific file) to an element:

When the link is attached, proper icon (URL in this case) is displayed:

Using NET API (where DgnLink API does not exist ;-), I am able to query the link and to receive the link properties, but I did not find a way, how to create the link.

I checked how it can be done in C++, but I found no clear description. There is DgnLink struct and also DgnLinkManager::CreateLink method, but I have no idea how they should be used (and even whether they are the right classes ;-)

I do not need to create a link in LinkSet, only to attach the link to selected element.

Is there any code snippet available?

With regards,


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