[Connect .NET] Problems when using dark themed UI


When using dark themed UI I get some problems in WinForms dialogboxes including DataGridView items:

The background is still white so only the hilited field is readable. This is tested in update 15 and 16.1. What can I do to fix this problem or will it be fixed in a future release of MicroStation CE ?

Regards, Evan

  • Hi Evans,

    I recommend to move your question to MicroStation Programming forum. BDN forum should be used to discuss the program issues primarily. To move existing discussion to another forum, use More > Move tool, available under your original post.

    Concerning WinForms and dark mode: I am not sure whether it is MicroStation issue or WinForms itself. Even when my feeling is that dark mode is not implemented perfectly, WinFormas itself is obsolete technology and for many years maintained by Microsoft without any substantial development. I remember plenty of issues with colors in WinForms, because no visual inheritance system, similar exists in WPF, is available.

    It would be interesting to know (unfortunately I have not any WPF dialog with DataGrid in my codebase) whether the same problem exists in WPF.

    BTW Is there any serious reason why to use WinForms, when better and more flexible WPF exists for many years and finally supported by MicroStation as main GUI technology?

    With regards,


  • using dark themed UI I get some problems in WinForms

    This is a wider issue than just using WinForms in MicroStation.  Search the web for something like dark theme UI WinForms.

    You'll see many results, including this one at Telerik's website.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions