[CONNECT Update 16 C++] How do I navigate EC element properties?

I'm attempting to navigate the EC properties of a line or line-string element.  From a user perspective, an element has a segments property, leading to a list of segments...


I have extracted the Segments property of the line-string element to an ECValue using the MicroStationAPI.  Its ToString() method tells me Prop 'Segments' value 'Count: 2 IsFixedSize: 0'.  That's reasonable: I can see that this line-string has two segments.  It also tells me Prop 'Segments' IsArray, which is expected.  But it then tells me this: Prop 'Segments' value 'IECInstance containing struct value', when I'm expecting an array of segment.

How do I get the array of segments from the ECInstance obtained from the DGN element?  ECInstance has a number of methods to add or remove array elements, but how do I read array elements?