[V8 BASIC] Rotate Using a Macro?

Hello all,

I just recently started using Microstation 2004 for a new job. I've been trying to find a reliable way to reliably rotate the selected element by set increments using a Macro. For example using F1 would rotate the selected element 1 degree to the left and F2 would rotate it 1 degree to the right. Normally I can figure this kind of thing out for myself but I've had difficulty finding the right documentation. If anyone can point me in the right direction for how to accomplish this or a resource that can effectively explain how to learn to do this I'd be very grateful.

Thank you

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  • I'm not going to attempt to repair MicroStation

    I am not sure whether you know, but to use ustation.exe /regserver is far from "repairing", how this term is used for restarting/repeating installation and verification whether everything is fine (which is extensive task).

    It is 2 seconds task, and the only requirement is to start DOS shell as administrator (even when sometimes it can be used even without it).

    I'm only asking questions and trying to get help.

    I think the answers, posted here, are all the same: Use VBA, because "ready to be used" macros exist and it is supported technology. When you decided to even not try anything how to fix VBA, you remain alone with obsolete, not supported tool, that nobody have used for many years, so it is hard to discuss it and receive answer, because probably only a few people have "active knowledge" of it.

    Even on this web there is close to zero information about MicroStation BASIC, because the web itself was established after BASIC for marked as obsolete.

    So, without VBA, I do not recall anything I can recommend as solution.