[V8i C++] Creating table in GUI


I would like to create a table element in my GUI. Something like this:

Is there a way to do it in MDL?



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  • Which approach (MicroStation resources or MFC libraries) would be easier? I would like to include in my tables combo boxes

    My preference is the MDL API.  It lacks a graphic design tool, but is comprehensive and integrates easily with MicroStation.  It provides  ComboBox, ListBox, TextBox etc,  and more complex widgets that Jan mentions.

    MicroStation's Dialog Manager is an invisible helper.  It makes it easy to pass application variables between your code and your UI.  When that mechanism isn't enough, you can add a hook class (callback handler class) to provide more advanced functionality.  A ComboBox is an example, but we've written a ListModel hook handler class to make life simpler.  Several examples are delivered with the SDK.

    MFC is looking long in the tooth.  It requires extra help from MDL/MFC classes supplied with the MicroStation SDK.  It knows nothing about the MDL Dialog Manager.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions