[V8i C++] Creating table in GUI


I would like to create a table element in my GUI. Something like this:

Is there a way to do it in MDL?



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  • Hi Wojciech,

    Which approach (MicroStation resources or MFC libraries) would be easier?

    Well ... it is hard to say what is easier, because it is not about technical features only, but also about your skills and project requirements.

    Frankly, the easiest is to do not invest time and implement complex GUI for dead platform, when V8i is not supported anymore and Bentley motivates (and pushes) user to migrate to CE, where WPF is available.

    But I know it is not answer you expect. If you do not know MFC very well already, I agree with Jon to choose MicroStation resources is the right way. MFC is very old technology, when Microsoft tried to implement object approach to GUI API. MicroStation resources are maybe even older, but they are still there. Even though it look like, comparing e.g. to WPF, as primitive obsolete technology, it works very well and is still used even in CE.