Get Point X Y 2D

I use microstation, DGN 2D V7 Upgrade V8

I want to get the 2D coordinates of the element, I see the manual but don't see the method 'Point2dFromXY'

Point2dFromXY Method
Returns a point with specified x and y components. 

Point2d = object.Point2dFromXY (X, Y) 

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  • I use C# with MicroStation

    You're calling the VBA COM InterOp from C# from a separate process (i.e. a EXE).

    I want to get the 2D coordinates of the element

    All DGN coordinates are 3D, even when in a 2D model.  The Z value is zero in 2D.

    I strongly suggest that you write a prototype of your app. using VBA.  Move it to C# once the VBA is working correctly.

    Different element types have different ways of getting coordinates.  A TextElement or CellHeaderElement has an Origin property. Linear elements implement the IVertexList interface.

    Regards, Jon Summers
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