[Connect NET vs Interop] Range and Origin results don't make sense comparing to drawing

I think I have a headache trying to figure out how to get the range and origin results consistently. For example here are results from the same textElement but accessing the range from different APIs:

Interop - OpenDesignFileForProgram

Range.High.X = 1198162.033

Interop - OpenDesignFile

Range.High.X = 5.77

.NET on Active Design File

CalElementRange.X = 1198162060

.NET on Loaded Design File

CalElementRange.X = 1198162060

Properties examining in the DGN

Origin.X = 5IN 5TN so that looks to match the Range.High.X of the OpenDesignFile in Interop

UOR = 0.000393700787401

With that, I see some correlation between the Interop OpenDesignFileForProgram and NET results, X1000, but i don't understand how i interpret that value to 5.7... Any help to understand this madness is appreciated.