[Connect Update 16 .NET] Updating element inside of cell

I've gone through all the threads I could find regarding ReplaceInModel method when it applies to elements within a cell and so far no one has provided any direction. In the code below:

TextElement origElem = (TextElement)Element.GetFromElementRef(elem.GetNativeElementRef());
TextElement t = (TextElement)elem;
TextBlock tb = t.GetTextPart(id);

tb.Remove(tb.CreateStartCaret(), tb.CreateEndCaret());

tb.InsertText(tb.CreateStartCaret(), newValue);

if (TextReplaceStatus.Success == t.ReplaceTextPart(id, tb))


If the TextElement is within CellElement, the t.ReplaceInModel will crash microstation. Do I need to somehow update the CellElement? And if its a multi-level Cell, like Cell within a Cell, do I need to update the top level Cell?


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