[CE][CPP] Visualization Parametric cells 106

Hi folks!

I have a little problem with the visualization (ViewCallback::SetSubstituteElemFunction). I want to highlight a few elements in color based on external data.

E.g. Show all circles belonging to Mr. Smith blue, all circles belonging to Mrs. Johnes green, etc.... No matter what color they actually are.

I think you understand the principle, and why it is handy to be able to have a different representation of the model for a short time.

So and now to my concern:

This works very well in front of all known and named MSElementTypes, but there are also some "unnamed" types like 106 (and 107) better known as parametric cell.

These elements resist penetratingly against assigning a new symbolism with the traditional methods.

What is the easiest method you know to temporarily create a shadow element and recolor it (symbolic) without modifying the original?

Thanks a lot!

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