MSCE: Print single view to multiple page PDF

I'm working on a huge project porting 100+ MDL applications from V8i (*.mc) to Connect Edition (*.cpp).

When printing (to a single PDF), we design everything with a dedicated level on a single view where each page is delimited by means of a rectangle whose cell name indicates the page format and orientation (see example images below)

Previously, we executed a macro that magically printed everything.

This macro includes commands like:

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "mdl load bentley.printorganizer.dll"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer new"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer printerdriver pdf.pltcfg"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer add file ...."

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer printdestination ..."

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer submitas single"

CadInputQueue.SendKeyin "printorganizer print all"

This macro doesn't seem to work anymore. Entering the command manually from the Key-in dialog, I get "Unknown key-in or command"

I read about the PrintManager and PrintSet classes but they seem to be .NET specific.

Is there a way to do this directly in C++?

We use MicroStation Connect Edition version and corresponding SDK

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