[c# .net CONNECT] Transform failing on groupedhole and SmartSolid/Surface cell header

im trying to scale all elements within a model about 0,0,0 point.

then i run it, it scales most of the elements. I put a try catch with in the element loop to see what elements it was failing to transform. and it was always either a Grouped Hole element or a Smart Solid/Surface element. all listed as a CellHeader type.  how should i handle transforming these elements? my example code is below.

ModelElementsCollection graphicalElements = curModel.GetGraphicElements();
                            foreach (Bentley.DgnPlatformNET.Elements.Element curElement in graphicalElements)
                                    DTransform3d dTransform3D = DTransform3d.Scale(newScale);
                                    Bentley.DgnPlatformNET.TransformInfo transformInfo = new TransformInfo(dTransform3D);
                                catch (Exception e)
                                    Exception error = e;

EDIT: forgot to put what the error is:

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