TextEDParam compile error in CONNECT works in SS3

I have a function in SS3 that accepts a pointer to a TextEDParam structure.

In CONNECT, I added the include file

#include <DgnPlatform\TextParam.h>

This include file looks like it defines TextEDParam. (in SS3 it was defined in mdl.h)

Yet for this function:

Public nativeCode void fplcom_justTxtToEditField(TextEDParam *edParam);

I am getting this compiler error: error C2065: 'TextEDParam': undeclared identifier

Any idea what is going wrong here?

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  • Could this be a similar case? error C2065: 'UnitInfo': undeclared identifier

    Look in that header file.  It includes several other header files and then begins the DgnPlatform namespace...


    So, yes, it's the same issue.

    The only SDK example I see that uses this type is steel which does not compile for me

    Read the error message.  It's from the linker, not the compiler.  It's telling you that it can't find file C:\Program.obj.  Post a new question.

    FWIW I can build steel successfully from the SDK command shell.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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