[CONNECT Update 16 C++] MultiCppCompileGo.mki

The example steel supplied with the SDK uses an unusual bmake file.  Unusual because it %includes a pair of supplementary make files MultiCppCompileGo.mki and MultiCppCompileRule.mki.  It's found in only four or five other C++ examples (I don't think it's applicable to .NET).  Here's a note found in MultiCppCompileGo...

The two files MultiCppCompileRule.mki and MultiCppCompileGo.mki should be used together in a single bmake context to bracket the dependency blocks of C/C++ compilands that are completely uniform.

What does uniform mean in this context?

The advantage of using those macros is that it invokes the Viz C++ compiler only once, to build all source files in a list.  For small examples that probably doesn't have much effect, but for larger projects it should result in faster compilation times because the compiler is invoked only once instead of a discrete invocation per source file.