Get Text Inside

I use microstation, DGN 2D V7 Upgrade V8

I use C# language

I want to get text in polygon
When I use "Point3dInPolygonXY" both polygons get this text
I want only the 2nd polygon to receive this text, is there any way to do it (text is more inside the 2nd polygon)

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  • I use C# language. I use microstation 08.11.09

    With MicroStation V8i you call the VBA COM InterOp from C#.  In other words, you wrap VBA method calls.

    I suggest that you develop your macro as a prototype using VBA.  VBA is included with MicroStation.  That way, you don't have to contend with language differences when calling VBA from C#.  Another benefit is that we can copy your VBA code to test it in MicroStation.

    Once the macro is working with VBA, you can port it to C#.

    I want to get text in polygon

    One way would be to use the text element's range...

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions