SS3 defintion SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems not defined in CONNECT

I am converting SS3 code that modifies working units and grid units using mdlModelRef_setWorkingUnits and mdlParams_setActive. In CONNECT, ActiveParams::SetValue looks like it works in a similar way.

As a final step I am running mdlDialog_synonymsSynch(0,SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems,NULL ); to get the working units dialog to reflect the changes.

status = mdlModelRef_setWorkingUnits (modelRef, &newMasterUnits, &newSubUnits);

mdlParams_setActive((void *)gridref, ACTIVEPARAM_GRIDREF);
mdlParams_setActive(&gridunits, ACTIVEPARAM_GRIDUNITS);
mdlParams_setActive(&unitrndoff, ACTIVEPARAM_UNITROUNDOFF);

mdlDialog_synonymsSynch(0,SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems,NULL );

In SS3 in dlogids.h, SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems is defined as: #define SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems      (BASEID_WorkingUnits-1)

SYNONYMID_WorkingUnitItems is not defined in CONNECT.

Is there a way to sync up the working unit dialog? Maybe it is not necessary anymore? I have not finished porting the code so I can't verify how it works yet.

I am inclined to just comment out that mdlDialog_synonymsSynch line for now and revisit it after my application is up and running.