[CE CPP OBD] mdlVersion_getVersionNumbers did not return the version for OBD

Hi everyone,

a short question: I use OBD SDK and OBD V10.09.xxxx. I expect  mdlVersion_getVersionNumbers() will return something like "10.09.xxxx" but it returns "" which belongs to the underlying USTN-SDK.

How do I get the version Number, wich the User sees?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Bob gives us a TriForma API function mdlTFApplication_getVersionString which works well for this requirement.

    I wrote below test code and can get correct OBD version.

    void getOBDVersion()
        char* pVerStr = NULL;
        if (SUCCESS != mdlTFApplication_getVersionString(NULL, &pVerStr))
        if (NULL != pVerStr)

    Output is as below:

    Answer Verified By: Volker Hüfner 

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