MSCE U17 SDK C# Sample Code: how is the *.commands.xml loaded in C# WPF project?

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to understand the sample code comes with the Microstation CONNECT Edition SDK (Update 17). The sample project I am looking at is at

<Mocristation SDK Root Folder>\examples\WPF\WPFDemo\

In this project, there is a file WPFDemo.commands.xml containing the setting of all the command words in Microstation key-in tool, and their corresponding functions to be invoked. However, when I look at the code, I don't understand how this XML file is loaded/compiled in to the compiled DLL. Can you tell me how to understand the structure of this project? or any tutorial that can help me to understand it?

Attached is the sample code project. I was able to run it from Visual Studio 2019 (invoked by "devenv" from Developer Shell), and then load into key-in. I am using Microstation CONNECT Edition update 17.

Thank you!