[MSCE U17 SDK C#] sample code: what does Session.ActivateContextualTabSet function do?

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to understand the sample code comes with the Microstation CONNECT Edition SDK (Update 17). The sample project I am looking at is at

<Mocristation SDK Root Folder>\examples\WPF\WPFDemo\

In the WPFDemoKeyins.cs file of the project, there is such a function invoked by the key-in "WPFDEMO ACTIVATECONTEXTTABSET  DrawingTest".

        /// <summary>Activate Contextual Tab using API</summary>
        public static void ActivateContextualTabSet(string unparsed){
            Session.ActivateContextualTabSet (unparsed);

However, after running it I still don't know what it does. I also find the documentation of the Session class and its ActivateContextualTabSet method in the SDK document file MSTNPLatformNET, but still don't understand what it does due to the lack of explanation in the document.

Can anybody tell me what it does? or from where I can find better explanation?

code is attached.8802.WPFDemo.zip

Thank you!