OnComplexGraphics(), cells, and ChildEditElemIter

If I read a cell from a cell library where the cell has some text or text nodes in it, I'd like to change the text in the cell. In the OnComplexGraphics() I make a call to my CreateElement() passing in an EditElemHandle. The cell library is searched, the cell found, then read into an elementDescr. Next I set the EditElemHandle with the elementDescr:

eeh.SetElemDescr(pCell, true,false);

Now I want to iterate through the cell, find text, and make changes, so I'm using a ChildEditElemIter:

for ( ChildEditElemIter child(eeh,EXPOSECHILDREN_FindText ); child.IsValid(); child=child.ToNext() )
 MSElement  *elP=child.GetElementP();
 if ( mdlElement_getType( child.GetElementP() ) == TEXT_ELM
 || mdlElement_getType( child.GetElementP() ) == TEXT_NODE_ELM )
  // Found text - make the change(s)

MSElement   newText;
mdlText_create(&newText, elP, "NEW", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL,NULL);

return eeh.IsValid();

When the cell gets placed ( eeh.AddToModel(ACTIVEMODEL); ), I end up with two text elements (the cell only has a single text element) and both text strings are set to "NEW". There must be something else I need to do, but it's not obvious.