What is the highest version of java supported by Microstation? I am using Microstation V8, when I run code like this


Reply is "1.3"

Also, where can I get the latest documentation for JMDL api?

P. S. Can't use last version of Microstation because of legacy code I have to maintain.

  • MicroStation Java (JMDL) was deprecated when MicroStation V8 was launched in 2001.  It was removed completely, I believe, from MicroStation XM and subsequent versions. 

    It looks like MicroStation V8 was the last version to include JMDL, in which case you presumably have the latest documentation.  You should visit Bentley’s public documentation archive for more, but don't hope for too much eleven years after development ceased.

    polarx said:
    Can't use latest version of Microstation because of legacy code I have to maintain

    While Java is an elegant language, it never knitted especially well with MicroStation.  Of course, .NET has its own idiosyncracies.  MDL and the MicroStationAPI provide the best (most compatible, best performance) development path.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions