[V8i C] Displaying cell without background color

Cell Explorer (cellexp) delivered example shows cells from the cell library. But it displays a gray background with each cell regardsless of background color of cell library. If you set clearFirst option as TRUE, then a dark gray background is drawn.

BoolInt clearFirst=TRUE;

mdlElmdscr_extendedDisplayToWindow ((MSWindow *)dbP, displayRectP,&viewflags ,edP, &rotMatrix, &localRange.org, &cellExtent, 0, -1,NULL,clearFirst,NULL);

If you set clearFirst option to FALSE then dark gray background isn't drawn but you have to clear background using mdlWindow_rectClear() function.

mdlWindow_rectClear ((MSWindow *)db, itemRectP, NULL);

Is there any other option to display the cell without a dark gray background using only mdlElmdscr_extendedDisplayToWindow() function?


Ahmet Sedat ALIS

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