[v8i VBA,excel2007] Reading & writing distance from excel/csv

Hi all,

Currently, I am getting the inputs from the client in the excel format (  attached).I will have to measure each distance from a reference point and individually place  the info along the linestring.I want to speed up this task by linking the distance column and ref.text column in the excel .

Please see the attached files.
This example MVBA macro i have attached helps to place a text and marker at the user specified distance through userform .Now I want to link it to an excel and get the distances read from EXCEL/CSV .In the sample excel , there are 2 columns which I have marked in yellow(see PNG attached)

I will manually pick on the reference point(start point) on a linestring and all the asset info (i.e.., text & marker) should be placed along line automatically reading distances from excel.Please note that all the asset distances are from the start point.

I will be grateful if someone help me on this.