[V8i s2] Problem using Thawte code signing certificate to sign app

I've developed a native MicroStation application using C++.  The application contains an MA and DLL file.  I'm having problems digitally signing the MA application file using rsign.  I have a code signing certificate from Thawte which I've previously used to successfully sign exe and dll files.

I tried several different methods

  • rsign -spc mycert.spc app.ma
  • rsign -spc mycert.spc -v mykey.pvk app.ma
  • rsign -spc mycert.cer  app.ma
  • rsign -spc mycert.cer  -v mykey.pvk app.ma
  • etc.

but each fail because because the rsign utility cannot locate or read the private key:

  • ERROR : Cannot extract private key from PVK file
  • ERROR : The PFK file is encrypted with a password. RSIGN cannot use encrypted PFK files.

The PVK file it do have in encrypted and I created a unencrypted version (PEM) (which Thawte warns against), but the rsign utility doesn't seem recognize this either.

Is there a better way to do this.


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