Microstation Related Programming in Linux


I am predominantly a Linux User and believe in using Free and Open Source S/W for my programming purposes. I wish to use a DGN file digitized by someone else to convert it into an XML format. Obviously, I need to parse the DGN file which will definitely have certain format.

The following issues were read by me while I was browsing the net:

  1. GDAL support is not available for DGN formats since MS 2004
  2. OpenDGN initiaitive has been taken but it seems from parallel readings that OpenDGN is not really Open in the true sense.


  1. Is there a DGN file specification available? (YES/NO)
  2. If yes, can a link be shared?
  3. If no, what is the best format closest to the DGN file, which could be used as an interoperability format?