[V8i C# Addin] - How to get a dock panel to size?

I am new to microstation programming and am making an addin. I get everything to work properly but I cannot size the dockpanel. I have a keyin called 'Show' that triggers the showform function below:

internal static void ShowForm(Bentley.MicroStation.AddIn addIn)
s_current = null;

s_current = new AreaWindow(addIn);
s_current.AutoSize = false;

s_current.AttachAsTopLevelForm(addIn, true);
s_current.NETDockable = false;

Bentley.Windowing.WindowManager windowManager = Bentley.Windowing.WindowManager.GetForMicroStation();

s_current.m_windowContent = windowManager.DockPanel(s_current, s_current.Name, s_current.Name, Bentley.Windowing.DockLocation.Floating, new Size(350, 0), new Size(0,250));

s_comApp = BMI.Utilities.ComApp;

Everything works properly except the dockpanel is not 350 x 250. My form is that size but the dock panel i'm putting it into stretches larger for some reason. and just leaves padding to the right.

I've tried with/without autosize, with/without dockable. Nothing seems to work on it. Any ideas?