Open Google Earth By Picking a Point at Required Location in a dgn(Microstation V8 Using MDL Language)

Hi Guys,

Tool Requirement : User will Pick a Point in dgn at Required Location Based on the Picked Location Coordinates, i need to open google earth and zoom to the

specified location.


1) Is it Possible ?

2) Using MDL Language can i program to get output ?

Example :By using small function i opened google earth in this way (correct process r not ?)

MSExternalProgramDescr    *msepdDescP;

msepdDescP = mdlExternal_startMCSLProgram ("C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Google Earth\\plugin\\geplugin",NULL);
if (msepdDescP != NULL)

        mdlExternal_terminateProgram (msepdDescP);

If Possible can u guys please provide me the steps for programming.