V8i VBA - I Want My Very Own PropertyHandler!

This has bugged me for a while.  I'd really really like to create my own category of properties to associate with elements.  Way easier for users to query than tags, and something that Navigator can display in clash results.  I've been able to successfully read these properties that other applications (i.e. InRoads) are able to create on their own (lucky ducks), but no success adding my own.  I'd like to mimic the custom approach shown below to adding metadata.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!

-Christopher Johnson

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  • Every thing is working great... (wait for it)       but, after I attach the schema to an element, I'm not able to access it using the SelectByAccessString method UNLESS I manually edit the value of it via the dialog.  After doing that even just once, I'm able to select it thereafter.  I'm even able to see my new attributes in the dialog box and using the GetAccessStrings to create an array of all of them - they're in the list - but I'm not able to select any until I manually do so via the dialog box.

    I've tried reloading the object as it notes in the help.  I've also tried reloading the session to make sure the file and element is written.  No luck.  The only thing that has worked is the manual edit so far.

    Any clues for me?  So close, yet...

    Thank you!

    -Christopher Johnson