[V8i SS3 – VBA] Communication (function, sub, class, form, variable) between separate MVBA projects ?


For maintenance convenience, for reutilisability (of utilities and math modules / classes for example), and to avoid a too large project (.MVBA) file,
I would like to split a quite large .MVBA project file (currently about 3 Mb) into many smallers MVBA projects.

These smaller MVBA projects would be loaded in the same time by Microstation in the VBA IDE and would be able to exchange public Sub / Function / Form / Class / Variables between them.

Unfortunately, I didn't found how to make this exchange working in the VBA IDE or in Microstation.

Example :   two projects are loaded in the IDE

Public Sub f1()

Public Sub f2()

When I call f1 from inside f2, I get an error (not found).

Please, do you know the way to do what I expect ?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.
Bernard Chevalier (France)

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