[vba-v8iss3-v8 2004] v8i longer than v8

Hi All,

I'm using v8 2004 Ver08.05.02.70 And V8i

There is a difference of time's execution of this simple vba:

Sub speed_test2()
Dim Lg1 As LineElement
ActiveSettings.Scale.X = 2
ActiveSettings.Scale.Y = 2
ActiveSettings.Scale.Z = 2
For i = 0 To 100
Set Lg1 = CreateLineElement2(Nothing, Point3dFromXY(i, 0), Point3dFromXY(i, 100))
ActiveModelReference.AddElement Lg1
CadInputQueue.SendCommand ("scale")
CadInputQueue.SendDataPointForLocate Lg1, Point3dZero
CadInputQueue.SendDataPoint Point3dFromXY(i, 0)
Next i
End Sub

Can you tell me why it's so longer with v8i ? Location ?? sendcommand ?

It's just an simple example, and I know it's not "pure vba" but what I am missing?