over 1 year ago

Bentley Social Distancing App for Construction Crews?

A lot of complaints and worries about how construction crews are not subject to lockdown and vulnerable due to need to work in close proximity.

How long would it take to write an app that tracks proximity between mobile phones on site? Building sites could distribute to site crew to help encourage/enforce social distancing.


1. App to be distributed to all visitors in addition to site crew.

2. Track distance between registered mobile phones. Duration, approx location.

3. If 2m distance is breached then a warning goes off on the affected phones. Logged and sent to site office / monitoring app.

The monitoring app would keep records so that if any of the site crew gets infected, the health service would be able to determine who would be at risk by rolling back the logs... Broad St pump-style?

Probably an imodel.js hackathon jobbie?

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for submitting your idea.  I concur with your last comment/assessment that this would be a very good idea to post as an imodel.js > Discussion; since this Ideas forum is specific to MicroStation and PowerPlatform desktop (core) enhancements and respective MicroStation GPS workflows and capabilities.  If you don't mind opening a new imodel.js discussion with your idea for a hackathon I am sure your idea will receive the best consideration possible. 

    As a side note, GPS accuracy has been seeing improvements over the past few years; for the Public sector improving from: 12M to 3M, and in some platform specific solutions (using: GPS, Hardware, OS, and Wi-Fi collectively) even close to 1M; where most 3M or higher accuracy typically limited to the Private sector (e.g. military grade devices and applications).

    Thank you and HTH,