over 2 years ago

C# VB.Net Addin Command Table Syntax Documentation

Any chance we can get some documentation for CommandTable.xml syntax? As a minimum can you publish an article to provide,

  1. attribute and value choices for Options. Hidden = "true" or Hidden = "false", Required = "true" Required = "false". These seem to work, but what about DEF (Default?), TRY (Tryparse?), and IMN (??)
  2. CommandClass values with an explanation of where to insert these. Examples show MacroCommand as a value, but there are no other examples. I can infer from cmdclass.r.h, but it doesn't show .Net values. And it's not clear whether I can add CommandClass to the SubKeyInTable Keyword tags.
  3. It would also be helpful to have a description of when to specify CommandClass and when it doesn't matter.
  4. And it might also help to have a short explanation for each CommandClass and Option - what it does, what's the expected outcome.

I'd be happy with a blog on this versus adding it to the help documents.