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over 2 years ago

Invasion of unwanted colors

After using any of colorbook colors it is not possible to get rid of this color afterwards. For example if color white is used from colorbook then all elements which previously used RGB white are changed to colorbook. Even if element is deleted the color remains in file forever and even infects other files if they are merged. Either the compress option should allow to get rid of unused colors/reset colorbooks to RGB or the programming API should be updated so we can access these colors. This issue is critical because it limits usage of RGB and colorbook colors.

Details: There is a additional issue to TR 307809 that if colorbook colors are once used then every matched RGB color is replaced by it. It is unwanted as we want to use only RGB and not colorbook values. Even if element which used the colorbook is deleted the original RGB values are no longer available. It is becoming more and more critical as lot of files are now invaded with such colors without option to remove them. Capability restrictions doesn't allow to avoid this either as colorbooks are invaded also from DWG sources.

Change request: Additionally  to compress option which would remove only unused colors there is also need to reset back colorbooks to RGB values for existing elements so this is different issue as  requested in TR307809

Reference:TR 307809,Defect Number 143129

TR # 13427