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MicroStation CONNECT SDK rcomp improvement

The RCOMP tool is used to compile traditional .R files to rsc files and finally to .MA file holding the resources (strings, toolbars, dialogs).

RCOMP has always reading .R/.H files as MBCS (as it would complain about unsupported characters in codepage that matches the system locale settings). And it uses the default codepage (matching the current system language settings for non-Unicode program). This worked in the past for V8i, XM, V8 etc as they have always been treated as non-Unicode application which only supports characters matching the language setting. But now MicroStation CONNECT is a Unicode application. If RCOMP continues to use default codepage it will not properly convert the MBCS strings of different languages properly.

The suggestion is to add an option in RCOMP to define the code page. For example

RCOMP -L 932


RCOMP -L Japanese

We currently have to switch system locale to Japanese (which requires a reboot) to compile for Japanese resources, then I have to do the same for Chinese (2x), Korean, Russian. Luckily Italian, German, French, Spanish are all in the same code page 1252. The current workaround cannot be done with automatic build script, has to be manual and painful.

RCOMP with support of specifying code page will properly reads in MBCS files of expected code-page, or UTF-7, UTF-8 format files. The specified code page will be used to open and read .R/.H files and convert the strings correctly!!

Wish this can be implemented for the next update!!!!!!!!!!!!!