Oregon DOT ProjectWise Explorer File Naming Add-On

For Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) projects, contracts and subcontracts: 

If you, in any capacity, have access to ODOT’s ProjectWise datasources, this ProjectWise add-on may be helpful for you to deliver work in a timely manner and in compliance with ODOT’s naming convention.  This add-on installs logic which drives a document's name and description based on its custom attribute data. ODOT's previously recommended technique had been to copy and paste values from the Attributes tab to update document name and description. This add-on was developed by Bentley to automate that process and help users comply with ODOT’s naming convention. It is written to work explicitly with ODOT's custom attribute environment.

Installation and use of this add-on is not mandatory.  By downloading or using this add-on, and as a condition of its use, you and your employer understand and agree that this add-on is provided for use “as is”.  Neither Bentley nor ODOT represents or warrants that access to or use of the add-on will be error free, uninterrupted or meet the user’s needs.  Neither Bentley nor ODOT is responsible or liable for any damage to any person or party that may occur due to error, omission, lack of timeliness or any other cause related to use of the add-on.  Bentley and ODOT each expressly disclaim all responsibility and liability arising from interference or interruptions, viruses, telephone faults, malicious damage by third parties, electronic system downtime, overloading of the Internet or any other cause related to use of the add-on.  Bentley and ODOT reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend access to this add-on, without notice. 

This hook was updated 05/16/2022 to accommodate ODOT's document coding environment.

This add-on is not supported by Bentley or ODOT and users should consult their IT department before installing. 

  • Hi Dave, 

    We are looking to implement Document Codes but wanted the name and description in a document's general tab to be updated when a document code is created/updated. We are aware that document codes create the ProjectWise name and File name but it doesn't update those properties when the doc code is updated. Can the naming hook be used to solve for this issue?

    Thank you,